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This website is a dedicated website that is used for providing the SAMLA membership with the National Online Courses that have been organised and presented by SAMLA in Association with UCT Law@Work. Please go to the official SAMLA website for all other SAMLA business at

SAMLA in association with UCT Law @ work presents the following intensive, high-level courses  to advance your knowledge, improve the standard of medico-legal practice, and aim to formalise the profession of medico-legal practice. The courses were designed and presented by the Faculty of SAMLA, are accredited by the Faculty of Law at the  University of Cape Town, and are administratively managed by Azlyn Creative. they have been accredited by the HPCSA for CPD points

Foundations Of Medico-Legal Practice


The course was presented initially in 2018 in 5 venues nationally. The course was video recorded in its entirety and is available online. The course culminates in a multiple choice examination for those who wish to write it, and if the exam is passed successfully, the participant is furnished with a certificate from the Faculty of Law at UCT. 30 CPD points are awarded.

A Series of Practical Workshops in Medico-Legal Practice

Workshop 1 – 9  (Online)

The workshops 1- 9 that were presented in 2019 & 2020 were video-recorded and are available online. Each workshop was organised around a central theme which include Traumatic Brain Injury; Psychological Consequences, Emotional Shock and Constitutional Damages; RAF4 Assessments and recommendations; Cerebral Palsy; Mediation; Pre-Trial Procedures – Case Management; Expert Report Writing; The Structure & Functioning of the Judicial System: Curatoryship, Trusts & Case Management Post-Trial; and Expert Joint Minutes.


A Series of Practical Workshops in Medico-Legal Practice

Workshop 10 (Live)

Workshops 6 to 10 were planned for 2020, but the national lockdown has affected the timetabling & Workshop 10 on Trial Procedures and Trials is now scheduled for 11th Sept, 18th Sept & 9th Oct 2021

Golden Thread Lectures


A series of Golden Thread Lectures have been presented throughout the courses which are available as stand-alone online lectures.