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Foundations Of Medico-Legal Practice

Course Structure

The course contains six main topics, each of which consists of smaller subtopics.

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Course Information

At the end of each video there is a short quiz designed to ensure that all participants have watched the entire video. The quizzes are quick and easy to complete. Please note two important points:

  • In order to qualify to take the UCT online exam you need to answer each question correctly.
  • The second quiz is more difficult than the first quiz so it is advised that you pass the first one.
  • You can redo the quiz until you and get the correct answer.

The examination

The exam will be written online through UCT’s Vula platform. It will be a multiple choice exam consisting of 100 questions. The questions will be automatically randomised so that no two students will get the exact same exam, and the questions will also be automatically marked by Vula.

The exam will be made available during September 2021. You can choose to take this online exam any day in September, but be aware that you can attempt the exam only once.

We will send out more information about how the exam works and what you can expect in August of this year.

CPD Points & SAMLA UCT Law@Work Certificates

Successful completion of the exam will earn you 30 CPD points and a Certificate of Completion of the Foundations of Medico-Legal Practice Course from SAMLA and UCT Law@Work.

Fee Structure

Payment in full upfront – R15,000.00 prior to being given access.

Registration Process


Course Content

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