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This website is a dedicated website that is used for providing the SAMLA membership with the National Online Courses that have been organised and presented by SAMLA in Association with UCT Law@Work. Please go to the official SAMLA website for all other SAMLA business at

About Us

About us

The South African Medico-Legal Association (SAMLA) is an Independent and neutral public benefit organization, which provides educational and other services to medico-legal practitioners. The objectives and mission statement of SAMLA are to “Advance the Inter-Relationships between Medicine and Law” and to “Promote Excellence in Medico-Legal Practice”, by “Promoting Dialogue and Mutual Understanding between Members of the Involved Professions”, guided by “Justice, Ethical Practice and Constitutional Values”. Information about SAMLA is accessible on the website Medico-Legal.

SAMLA has a broad multidisciplinary membership, including Medical (HPCSA), Nursing (SANC) and Legal (LPC) Practitioners – Associated Health-Care Professionals – Professional employees in the Health or Legal Sectors – Forensic Scientists and Accredited Mediators. In pursuit of its objectives, SAMLA has built constructive relationships with many medico-legal professionals and stakeholder organizations, including the National Department of Health, Various Provincial Departments of Health, Parliamentary Portfolio Committees, The Road Accident Fund, Various Professional Associations and Societies, Providers of Professional Indemnity Cover and Mediation Training Institutions. On 5 May 2019 SAMLA convened a gathering of senior representatives of 17 stakeholder organizations to address the State President on the medico-legal crisis in South Africa. As President Ramaphosa was unable to attend the presentation, it was video-recorded and subsequently presented to him and 5 relevant Cabinet Ministers together with supporting documentation. The full presentation is accessible online on the SAMLA website Medico-Legal Crisis Presentation to the President. As part of its drive to formalise the medico-legal profession and elevate the standard of medico-legal practice, SAMLA has launched an application to SAQA for Professional Body Recognition and Professional Designation Registration.

Introducing our Faculty Exco

Dr Herman Edeling

Faculty Principal

WS 1 Leader:  Traumatic Brain Injury

WS 3 Leader: RAF 4 Assessment and Recommendations.

WS 5 Leader: Mediation 

Mrs. Carina van de Wall

Deputy Faculty Principal

Prof Ethelwynn Stellenberg

Head of Academic Quality Assurance

Prof Ramodungoane Tabane

Online Academic Supervisor

Mrs Barbara Donaldson

Workshop Coordinator

Mr. Johan P. Venter

Syndicate Leader Supervisor

Mr Trevor Reynolds

WS 2 Leader: Psychological Consequences, Emotional Shock and Constitutional
Damages. Monetary and Non-Monetary Compensation.

Ms. Romany Sutherland

WS 4 Leader – Cerebral Palsy

Judge Neels Claassen

WS 5 Leader: Mediation (For Mediators, Attorneys, Advocates, Expert Witnesses).


Dr. Henry Lerm

WS 6 Leader: Pre-Trial Procedures – Case Management.

WS 8 Leader: The Structure and Functioning of the Judicial System: Curatorship,
Trusts and Case Management Post-Trial.


Dr. & Adv. Anton van den Bout

WS 7 Leader: Expert Report Writing (opinions and reasons therefor).
WS 9 Leader: Expert Joint Minutes.


Adv John Mullins SC

WS 10 Leaders: Trial Procedures and Trials – CP Case.

Prof Jan Becker

WS 10 Leader: Trial Procedures and Trials – CP Case.